A semi-automated determination of serum triglycerides.

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RatiometricTriglyceride Analysis by Use of a CentrifugalAnalyzer
It is important to have reliable, reproducible, rapid, and inexpensive methods for triglycerides and cholesterol, because both analyses are required for hyperlipoproteinemia screening. Colorimetric
A quick inexpensive method for serum triglycerides.
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Determination of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate levels in human blood plasma and cryoprecipitates.
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A direct method of determination of DEHP by gasliquid chromatography is described, which demonstrates that the leaching out ofDEHP from plastic transufsion packs was correlated with the plasma concentration of triglycerides.
Fatty Acid Profile of Major Lipid Classes in Plasma Lipoproteins of Patients with Friedreich's Ataxia — Demonstration of a Low Linoleic Acid Content most evident in the Cholesterol-Ester Fraction
The results suggest the existence of a metabolic defect in the incorporation of 18:2 into chylomicron phospholipids within the intestinal mucosa within Friedreich's ataxia.
Net esterification in vitro of plasma cholesterol in human primary hyperlipidemia
Net esterification of cholesterol was studied in vitro in the plasma of normal subjects and of patients with different types of hyperlipidemia and found to be significantly enhanced in types IIa, IV and V of human primary hyperlipidsemia.
Plasma Lipids and Lipoproteins in Friedreich's Ataxia and Familial Spastic Ataxia — Evidence for an Abnormal Composition of High Density Lipoproteins
An anomaly in the high density lipoprotein (HDL) fraction could indicate that the HDL apolipoprotein moiety has a greater affinity for cholesterol and triglycerides in Friedreich's ataxia than its normal counterpart.
Diet and probucol in lowering cholesterol concentrations. Additive effects on plasma cholesterol concentrations in patients with familial type ii hyperlipoproteinemia.
Probucol is useful as an adjunct to diet in lowering plasma cholesterol levels in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia, and was well tolerated by all patients.


Automated techniques in serum lipid analysis
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Semi- and partially-automated procedures for the analysis of serum lipids directly on the initial solvent extract which have been developed recently by the author and other investigators are
The biochemistry of clinical medicine
The biochemistry of clinical medicine is studied in detail in order to clarify the role of x-ray diffraction and its role in medicine.
A method for routine determination of plasma triglycerides.
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