A semantic analysis of word order : position of the adjective in French

  title={A semantic analysis of word order : position of the adjective in French},
  author={Linda R. Waugh and R. Jakobson},
Investigation of the encoding processes involved in the production of French Adjective-noun Phrases: a psycholinguistic and linguistic approach
The results show that the span of encoding is not constrained by syntactic structure and that the minimal unit of encoding varies across speakers. Expand
Word order variation and dependency length minimisation : a cross-linguistic computational approach
This thesis presents three cross-linguistic computational studies at three levels of linguistic representation looking at word order variation at the language level and comparing the extent to which languages follow the DLM principle. Expand
An Experimental Approach to French Attributive Adjective Syntax
In this paper, we study the alternation of adjective position in the noun phrase. We postulate that this phenomenon is in uenced by various factors interacting in a complex way and favoring oneExpand
Inter-subject variability modulates phonological advance planning in the production of adjective-noun phrases
Results show that the span of phonological encoding is modulated by inter-individual strategies: in experimental paradigms some speakers plan word by word whereas others encode beyond the initial word. Expand
Restrictive vs. nonrestrictive modification and evaluative predicates
Abstract Evaluative adjectives have often been claimed to manifest a strong, and even exclusive, preference for the nonrestrictive reading (henceforth the ‘nonrestrictive bias’ of evaluativeExpand
Decomposing ( non-) restrictivity Evaluative modifiers in post-head positions
  • 2013
Baudelaire's Responses to Death: (In)articulation, Mourning and Suicide
Baudelaire’s Responses to Death: (In)articulation, Mourning and Suicide by Joyce Cheuk Ting Wu Department of Romance Studies Duke University Date:_______________________ Approved:Expand
Contraintes préférentielles et ordre des mots en français
Cette these propose une approche experimentale de la linguistique a travers l'etude de la notion de contrainte preferentielle et son application a deux phenomenes d'ordre en francais : la position deExpand
Predicting the Position of Attributive Adjectives in the French NP
French displays the possibility of both pre-nominal and post-nominal ordering of adjectives within the noun phrase (NP).
The Syntax of Adjectives: A Comparative Study
In The Syntax of Adjectives, Guglielmo Cinque offers cross-linguistic evidence that adjectives have two sources. Arguing against the standard view, and reconsidering his own earlier analysis, CinqueExpand