A self-splicing RNA excises an intron lariat.

  title={A self-splicing RNA excises an intron lariat.},
  author={Craig L. Peebles and Philip S. Perlman and Karsten Mecklenburg and M L Petrillo and Jim H. Tabor and Kevin A. Jarrell and Hwei Ling Cheng},
  volume={44 2},
We have investigated the in vitro self-splicing of a class II mitochondrial intron. A model pre-mRNA containing intron 5 gamma of the oxi 3 gene of yeast mitochondrial DNA undergoes an efficient intramolecular rearrangement reaction in vitro. This reaction proceeds under conditions distinct from those optimal for self-splicing of class I introns, such as the Tetrahymena nuclear rRNA intron. Intron 5 gamma is excised as a nonlinear RNA indistinguishable from the in vivo excised intron product by… CONTINUE READING

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