A self-organized 2-dimensional bifunctional structure formed by supramolecular design.

  title={A self-organized 2-dimensional bifunctional structure formed by supramolecular design.},
  author={K. W. Hipps and L. Scudiero and D. Barlow and M. P. Cooke},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={124 10},
The production of a novel two-dimensional bimolecular surface structure using weak noncovalent interactions is demonstrated and observed by scanning tunneling microscopy. This work follows the three-dimensional (3D) ideas of crystal engineering and applies the concepts of supramolecular synthons to molecular systems constrained to 2D by physisorption on a conducting surface. We demonstrate a well-ordered planar structure that self-assembles through the influence of fluorine-phenyl interactions… Expand
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