A segmentation-based method for metal artifact reduction.

  title={A segmentation-based method for metal artifact reduction.},
  author={Hengyong Yu and Kai Zeng and Deepak Bharkhada and Ge Wang and Mark T. Madsen and Osama Saba and B A Policeni and Matthew A. Howard and Wendy R. K. Smoker},
  journal={Academic radiology},
  volume={14 4},
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES We propose a novel segmentation-based interpolation method to reduce the metal artifacts caused by surgical aneurysm clips. MATERIALS AND METHODS Our method consists of five steps: coarse image reconstruction, metallic object segmentation, forward-projection, projection interpolation, and final image reconstruction. The major innovations are 2-fold. First, a state-of-the-art mean-shift technique in the computer vision field is used to improve the accuracy of the… CONTINUE READING


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