A seed midge pest of big bluestem.

  title={A seed midge pest of big bluestem.},
  author={Michael Rowlinson Carter and George R. Manglitz and Michael D. Rethwisch and Kenneth P. Vogel},
A Cecidomyiid midge reared from the panicles of big bluestem (A~~&opgon gear&f V&man (VW. gerurdii) at Mead, Neb., was identified as Conturln& wufti Gag&. This midge was previoudy known only from panicles of little bluestem (Scticlryrhun scoparium (Michx.) Nash) in New Mexico. In Nebnsk8, C. wutisi 8ppe8n to h8ve 8 minimum of 3 generations per sason. Luvae of the earlier genm!ons have the florets &a completing develop ment, m8king it difficult to 8ssocirte floret d8m8ge with the midge. Larvae… CONTINUE READING

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