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A secure mobile payment system

  title={A secure mobile payment system},
  author={Li Xi and Hu Han-ping},
The considerable increase of mobile device users in recent years causes a strong demand on secured wireless information services and reliable mobile commerce (m-commerce) applications. Since mobile payment (m-payment) is a critical part of most wireless information services and mobile commerce applications, how to build secured m-payment systems becomes a research hotspot. This paper presents an effective Mobile Payment System (MPS) in wireless insecure environments using mobile devices. The… 

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Secure and efficient protocol for mobile payments

A new proposed method has been found to be very efficient for micropayments in SEMOPS, and an analysis of the security and efficiency of the proposed method is given.

A Secure Roaming Payment Protocol in Mobile Commerce

  • Zhang Zhi
  • Computer Science
    2012 International Conference on Management of e-Commerce and e-Government
  • 2012
A secure roaming payment protocol based on IBS, which considers effective mutual authentication between customer and the forge in domain bank and realizes roaming payment and proves that the proposed protocol satisfies the definition of UC security defined in the UC model.

A Design of Safe AKA Module for Adapted Mobile Payment System on Openness SMART Phone Environment

The AKA module of mobile payment system based on 3GPP-AKA protocol prevents the exposure of IMSI by creating the SSK(Shared Secure Key) through advance registration and solves the SQN(SeQuence Number) synchronization problem by using timestamp.

International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE)

Mobile payment services are recently draw special attention of business people in banking and financial technology in Indonesia. The development is based on the use of technological innovations to



MMPS: a versatile mobile-to-mobile payment system

The proposed framework provides a secure and convenient payment mechanism without any terminal infrastructure and in a single phone, multiple credit or debit accounts from different banks can be configured without compromising on security.


  • L. AntovskiM. Gusev
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces, 2003. ITI 2003.
  • 2003
The purpose of this thesis is to describe the factors that affect the introduction of a successful m-payment system - and use these factors to examine whether the J2ME technology is suitable for building such successfulm-payment systems.

P2P-Paid: A Peer-to-Peer Wireless Payment System

A peer-to-peer wireless payment system, known as P2P-Paid, to allow two mobile users to conduct wireless payment transactions over Bluetooth communications using a 2-dimensional secured protocol.

M-Payment Solutions and M-Commerce Fraud Management

This chapter starts by giving a general introduction to m-payment by providing an overview of the m- payment value chain, lifecycle and characteristics, and reviews different types of mobile frauds in the mcommerce environment and solutions to prevent such frauds.

Mobile Payment Solution — Symbiosis Between Banks, Application Service Providers and Mobile NetworkOperators

  • N. DelicAnica Vukasinovic
  • Computer Science
    Third International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations (ITNG'06)
  • 2006
This paper deals with one possible solution of integrating banks, application service providers and mobile network operators in order to provide end-to-end mobile payment solution to their common

Evaluating wireless technologies in mobile payments - a customer centric approach

  • A. Zmijewska
  • Business
    International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB'05)
  • 2005
Cellular networks, near field communication, infrared and Bluetooth are analysed in terms of their suitability for mobile payments to reveal which of the technologies are likely to best fulfil each of the acceptance criteria.

A Disruption Analysis in the Mobile Payment Market

  • J. OndrušY. Pigneur
  • Economics
    Proceedings of the 38th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • 2005
This paper analyzes two possible disruptions of the mobile payment market - technological and business issues create a market uncertainty that mobile network operators and financial institutions have difficulties managing.

A proposal for a multi-perspective analysis of the mobile payment environment

An original approach based on a technology environment assessment framework, which combines the appraisal of different perspectives: namely the market, the actors and the issues that characterize the environment is presented.

Electronic payment market: a non-optimal equilibrium

The crucial goal of this article is to reveal the real reasons for the SSL success. We also analyse other e-payment solutions as well as the market of mobile payments. Finally, we examine the

A versatile mobiletomobile payment system

  • Proceedings of the International Conference on Mobile Business ( ICMB ’ 05 )
  • 2005