A secure extension of the Kwak-Moon group signcryption scheme

  title={A secure extension of the Kwak-Moon group signcryption scheme},
  author={Dong Jin Kwak and Sang-Jae Moon and Guilin Wang and Robert H. Deng},
  journal={Computers & Security},
This paper presents the secure extension of the Kwak–Moon group signcryption scheme [Kwak D, Moon S. Efficient distributed signcryption scheme as group signcryption. In: First applied cryptography and network security – ACNS’03. Lecturer notes in computer science, vol. 2846. Springer-Verlag; 2003. p. 403–17] as a countermeasure against the cryptanalysis in [Wang G, Deng RH, Kwak D, Moon S. Security analysis of two signcryption scheme. In: Information security conference – ISC 2004. Lecturer… CONTINUE READING
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