A second-generation combined linkage physical map of the human genome.

  title={A second-generation combined linkage physical map of the human genome.},
  author={Tara Cox Matise and Fang Chen and Wenwei Chen and Francisco M. De La Vega and Mark Hansen and Chunsheng He and Fiona C. Hyland and Giulia C. Kennedy and Xiangyang Kong and Sarah S. Murray and Janet S. Ziegle and William C. L. Stewart and Steven Buyske},
  journal={Genome research},
  volume={17 12},
We have completed a second-generation linkage map that incorporates sequence-based positional information. This new map, the Rutgers Map v.2, includes 28,121 polymorphic markers with physical positions corroborated by recombination-based data. Sex-averaged and sex-specific linkage map distances, along with confidence intervals, have been estimated for all map intervals. In addition, a regression-based smoothed map is provided that facilitates interpolation of positions of unmapped markers on… CONTINUE READING
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