A search for solar axion induced signals with COSINE-100

  title={A search for solar axion induced signals with COSINE-100},
  author={P. Adhikari and G. Adhikari and E. B. D. Souza and N. Carlin and S. Choi and M. Djamal and A. Ezeribe and C. Ha and I. S. Hahn and E. J. Jeon and J. Jo and H. W. Joo and W. G. Kang and W. Kang and M. Kauer and G. S. Kim and H. Kim and H. J. Kim and K. W. Kim and N. Y. Kim and S. Kim and Y. Kim and Y. H. Kim and Y. Ko and V. Kudryavtsev and H. S. Lee and J. Lee and M. Lee and D. Leonard and W. A. Lynch and R. Maruyama and F. Mouton and S. Olsen and B. J. Park and H. Park and H. S. Park and K. S. Park and R. Pitta and H. Prihtiadi and S. J. Ra and C. Rott and K. A. Shin and A. Scar and N. Spooner and W. G. Thompson and L. Yang and G. Yu},
  journal={Astroparticle Physics},
  • P. Adhikari, G. Adhikari, +45 authors G. Yu
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • Astroparticle Physics
  • Abstract We present results from a search for solar axions with the COSINE-100 experiment. We find no evidence of solar axion events from a data-set of 6,303.9 kg · days exposure and set a 90% confidence level upper limit on the axion-electron coupling, gae, of 1.70  × 10 − 11 for an axion mass less than 1 keV/c2. This limit excludes QCD axions heavier than 0.59 eV/c2 in the DFSZ model and 168.1 eV/c2 in the KSVZ model. 
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