A search for neutrino emission from the Fermi bubbles with the ANTARES telescope

  title={A search for neutrino emission from the Fermi bubbles with the ANTARES telescope},
  author={S. Adri{\'a}n-Mart{\'i}nez and A. Albert and I. Al Samarai and M. Andr'e and G. Anton and S. Anvar and M. Ardid and T. Astraatmadja and J. Aubert and B. Baret and J. Barrios-Mart{\'i} and S. Basa and V. Bertin and S. Biagi and C. Bigongiari and C. Bogazzi and B. Bouhou and M. Bouwhuis and J. Brunner and J. Busto and A. Capone and L. Caramete and C. C{\^a}rloganu and J. Carr and S. Cecchini and Z. Charif and P. Charvis and T. Chiarusi and M. Circella and F. Classen and R. Coniglione and L. Core and H. Costantini and P. Coyle and A. Creusot and C. Curtil and G. Bonis and I. Dekeyser and A. Deschamps and C. Donzaud and D. Dornic and Q. Dorosti and D. Drouhin and A. Dumas and T. Eberl and U. Emanuele and A. Enzenh{\"o}fer and J. Ernenwein and S. Escoffier and K. Fehn and P. Fermani and V. Flaminio and F. Folger and U. Fritsch and L. Fusco and S. Galat{\`a} and P. Gay and S. Gei{\ss}els{\"o}der and K. Geyer and G. Giacomelli and V. Giordano and A. Gleixner and J. P. G'omez-Gonz'alez and K. Graf and G. Guillard and H. Haren and A. Heijboer and Y. Hello and J. J. Hern'andez-Rey and B. Herold and J. Hoessl and C. Hugon and C. James and M. Jong and M. Kadler and O. Kalekin and A. Kappes and U. Katz and P. Kooijman and A. Kouchner and I. Kreykenbohm and V. Kulikovskiy and R. Lahmann and E. Lambard and G. Lambard and G. Larosa and D. Lattuada and D. Lef{\`e}vre and E. Leonora and D. Lo Presti and H. L{\"o}hner and S. Loucatos and F. Louis and S. Mangano and M. Marcelin and A. Margiotta and J. Mart{\'i}nez-Mora and S. Martini and T. Michael and T. Montaruli and M. Morganti and C. Mueller and M. Neff and E. Nezri and D. Palioselitis and G. E. Păvălaş and C. Perrina and V. Popa and T. Pradier and C. Racca and G. Riccobene and R. Richter and C. Rivi'ere and A. Robert and K. Roensch and A. Rostovtsev and D. Samtleben and M. Sanguineti and P. Sapienza and J. Schmid and J. Schnabel and S. Schulte and F. Schuessler and T. Seitz and R. Shanidze and C. Sieger and F. Simeone and A. Spies and M. Spurio and J. Steijger and T. Stolarczyk and A. S'anchez-Losa and M. Taiuti and C. Tamburini and Y. Tayalati and A. Trovato and B. Vallage and C. Vall{\'e}e and V. Elewyck and M. Vecchi and P. Vernin and E. Visser and S. Wagner and J. Wilms and E. Wolf and K. Yatkın and H. Yepes and J. Zornoza and J. Zuniga and The Antares Collaboration},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
  • S. Adrián-Martínez, A. Albert, +147 authors The Antares Collaboration
  • Published 2012
  • Physics
  • The European Physical Journal C
  • Analysis of the Fermi-LAT data has revealed two extended structures above and below the Galactic Centre emitting gamma rays with a hard spectrum, the so-called Fermi bubbles. Hadronic models attempting to explain the origin of the Fermi bubbles predict the emission of high-energy neutrinos and gamma rays with similar fluxes. The ANTARES detector, a neutrino telescope located in the Mediterranean Sea, has a good visibility to the Fermi bubble regions. Using data collected from 2008 to 2011 no… CONTINUE READING

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