A search for changing-look AGN in the Grossan catalog

  title={A search for changing-look AGN in the Grossan catalog},
  author={Stefano Bianchi and M. Guainazzi and Giorgio Matt and Marco Chiaberge and Kazushi Iwasawa and Fabrizio Fiore and Roberto Maiolino},
We observed with XMMNewton 4 objects selected from the Grossan (1992) catalog, with the aim to search for new ‘changing-look’ AGN. The sample includes all the sources wh ich showed in subsequent observations a flux much lower than the one measured with HEAO A-1: NGC 7674, NGC 4968, IRAS 13218 +0552 and NGC 1667. None of the sources was caught in a high flux state during the XMMNewton observations, whose analysis reveal they are all likely Com pt n-thick objects. We suggest that, for all the… CONTINUE READING
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