A scalable heuristic for viral marketing under the tipping model

  title={A scalable heuristic for viral marketing under the tipping model},
  author={P. Shakarian and Sean Eyre and D. Paulo},
  journal={Social Network Analysis and Mining},
  • P. Shakarian, Sean Eyre, D. Paulo
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • Social Network Analysis and Mining
  • In a “tipping” model, each node in a social network, representing an individual, adopts a property or behavior if a certain number of his incoming neighbors currently exhibit the same. In viral marketing, a key problem is to select an initial “seed” set from the network such that the entire network adopts any behavior given to the seed. Here we introduce a method for quickly finding seed sets that scales to very large networks. Our approach finds a set of nodes that guarantees spreading to the… CONTINUE READING
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