A scalable 10 Gb/s line-rate router with DiffServ support

  title={A scalable 10 Gb/s line-rate router with DiffServ support},
  author={Yong Xu and Zhiwei Dai and Bin Liu and Wenjei Li},
  journal={International Conference on Communication Technology Proceedings, 2003. ICCT 2003.},
  pages={407-411 vol.1}
A high performance router (DS-router) which supports DiffServ models by IETF effectively, is presented in this paper. This new router can work at OC-192 line-rate (10 Gb/s), provide 320 Gb/s non-locking switch capability, and facilitate true end-to-end quality of service (QoS) an an IP-network. Some features of the architecture and the design-implement of router are emphasized in this paper. According to the analysis of simulation results (delay, jitter etc.), we can draw the conclusion that DS… CONTINUE READING


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