A role of nitric oxide in WIN 55,212-2 tolerance in mice.

  title={A role of nitric oxide in WIN 55,212-2 tolerance in mice.},
  author={Edoardo Spina and A Trovati and Daniela Parolaro and Gabriella Giagnoni},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={343 2-3},
The role of nitric oxide (NO) in the development of cannabinoid tolerance was examined by using N(omega)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) as an inhibitor of NO synthase. R(+)-[2,3-Dihydro-5-methyl-3 [(morpholinyl)methyl]pyrrolo[1,2,3-de]-1,4-benzoxazin-yl]-(1-napht halenyl)methanone mesylate (WIN 55,212-2), a cannabinoid receptor agonist, or L-NAME plus WIN 55,212-2 was acutely or chronically injected i.p. to mice and analgesia, body temperature and immobility were measured. A single… CONTINUE READING
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