A role of complexin-lipid interactions in membrane fusion.

  title={A role of complexin-lipid interactions in membrane fusion.},
  author={Florian Seiler and J{\"o}rg Malsam and Jean Michel Krause and Thomas H. S{\"o}llner},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={583 14},
Complexins (Cpxs) and synaptotagmins regulate calcium-dependent exocytosis. A central helix in Cpx confers specific binding to the soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor-attachment protein receptor (SNARE) fusion machinery. An accessory helix in the amino-terminal region inhibits membrane fusion by blocking SNAREpin zippering. We now show that an amphipathic helix in the carboxy-terminal region of CpxI binds lipid bilayers and affects SNARE-mediated lipid mixing in a liposome fusion assay… CONTINUE READING