A role for the P-body component GW182 in microRNA function

  title={A role for the P-body component GW182 in microRNA function},
  author={Jidong Liu and Fabiola V. Rivas and James A Wohlschlegel and John R. Yates and Roy Parker and Gregory J Hannon},
  journal={Nature Cell Biology},
In animals, the majority of microRNAs regulate gene expression through the RNA interference (RNAi) machinery without inducing small-interfering RNA (siRNA)-directed mRNA cleavage. Thus, the mechanisms by which microRNAs repress their targets have remained elusive. Recently, Argonaute proteins, which are key RNAi effector components, and their target mRNAs were shown to localize to cytoplasmic foci known as P-bodies or GW-bodies. Here, we show that the Argonaute proteins physically interact with… CONTINUE READING
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