A role for seed storage proteins in Arabidopsis seed longevity

  title={A role for seed storage proteins in Arabidopsis seed longevity},
  author={Thu-Phuong Nguyen and Gwendal Cueff and Dwayne D Hegedus and Lo{\"i}c Rajjou and Le{\'o}nie Bentsink},
  booktitle={Journal of experimental botany},
Proteomics approaches have been a useful tool for determining the biological roles and functions of individual proteins and identifying the molecular mechanisms that govern seed germination, vigour and viability in response to ageing. In this work the dry seed proteome of four Arabidopsis thaliana genotypes, that carry introgression fragments at the position of seed longevity quantitative trait loci and as a result display different levels of seed longevity, was investigated. Seeds at two… CONTINUE READING
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