A role for netrin-1 in the guidance of cortical efferents.

  title={A role for netrin-1 in the guidance of cortical efferents.},
  author={Christine M{\'e}tin and D Del{\'e}glise and Toni E. Serafini and Timothy E Kennedy and Marc Tessier-Lavigne},
  volume={124 24},
An intermediate target for axons leaving the cerebral cortex in embryonic mammals is the ganglionic eminence (GE), the embryonic precursor of the basal ganglia. The cues that direct these axons over the initial portion of their trajectory are not well understood, but could include both short-range and long-range attractants and repellents. In the present study, we provide evidence that corticofugal axons might be guided at least partly by a diffusible factor or factors originating in the… CONTINUE READING


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