A role for c-Abl in c-myc regulation.

  title={A role for c-Abl in c-myc regulation.},
  author={Kwong Kwok Wong and Jeffrey D. Hardin and Sharon Boast and Cynthia Lynn Cooper and Kevin T. Merrell and Timothy G. Doyle and Stephen P Goff and Kathryn L. Calame},
  volume={10 4},
c-Abl, a nonreceptor tyrosine kinase, appears to play a role in cell cycle progression, cell proliferation and differentiation. Mice homozygous for a mutation in c-abl (ablml), show pleiotropic abnormalities, including neonatal death, developmental defects, susceptibility to infection and dehydration (Schwartzberg et al., 1991). However, the exact substrates of c-Abl and the signal transduction pathways it might initiate are not known. We have examined how c-Abl affects c-myc expression by… CONTINUE READING

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