A role for Plk1 phosphorylation of NudC in cytokinesis.

  title={A role for Plk1 phosphorylation of NudC in cytokinesis.},
  author={Tianhua Zhou and Jonathan P. Aumais and X John{\'e} Liu and Li-yuan Yu-Lee and Raymond Leo Erikson},
  journal={Developmental cell},
  volume={5 1},
Polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1) plays essential roles at multiple events during cell division, yet little is known about its physiological substrates. In a cDNA phage display screen using Plk1 C-terminal affinity columns, we identified NudC (nuclear distribution gene C) as a Plk1 binding protein. Here, we characterize the interaction between Plk1 and NudC, show that Plk1 phosphorylates NudC at conserved S274 and S326 residues in vitro, and present evidence that NudC is also a substrate for Plk1 in… CONTINUE READING

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