A role for IL-27p28 as an antagonist of gp130-mediated signaling

  title={A role for IL-27p28 as an antagonist of gp130-mediated signaling},
  author={Jason S. Stumhofer and Elia D. Tait and William J. Quinn and Nancy A. Hosken and Bj{\"o}rn Spudy and Radhika Goenka and Ceri A Fielding and Aisling C. O’Hara and Yi Chen and Michael L. Jones and Christiaan J. M. Saris and Stefan Rose-John and Daniel J. Cua and Simon A Jones and Merle M. Elloso and Joachim Gr{\"o}tzinger and Michael P. Cancro and S. D. Levin and Christopher A Hunter},
  booktitle={Nature Immunology},
The heterodimeric cytokine interleukin 27 (IL-27) signals through the IL-27Rα subunit of its receptor, combined with gp130, a common receptor chain used by several cytokines, including IL-6. Notably, the IL-27 subunits p28 (IL-27p28) and EBI3 are not always expressed together, which suggests that they may have unique functions. Here we show that IL-27p28, independently of EBI3, antagonized cytokine signaling through gp130 and IL-6-mediated production of IL-17 and IL-10. Similarly, the ability… CONTINUE READING