A role for IL-27 in limiting T regulatory cell populations.

  title={A role for IL-27 in limiting T regulatory cell populations.},
  author={Elia D. Tait Wojno and Nancy A. Hosken and Jason S. Stumhofer and Aisling C. O'Hara and Elizabeth Mauldin and Qun Fang and Laurence A Turka and S. D. Levin and Christopher A Hunter},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={187 1},
IL-27 is a cytokine that regulates Th function during autoimmune and pathogen-induced immune responses. Although previous studies have shown that regulatory T cells (Tregs) express the IL-27R, and that IL-27 inhibits forkhead box P3 upregulation in vitro, little is known about how IL-27 influences Tregs in vivo. The studies presented in this article show that mice that overexpress IL-27 had decreased Treg frequencies and developed spontaneous inflammation. Although IL-27 did not cause mature… CONTINUE READING

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