A role for GATA5 in Xenopus endoderm specification.

  title={A role for GATA5 in Xenopus endoderm specification.},
  author={Hans Weber and Carole E Symes and Maggie E. Walmsley and Adam R.F Rodaway and Roger Patient},
  volume={127 20},
The endoderm gives rise to the gut and tissues that develop as outgrowths of the gut tube, including the lungs, liver and pancreas. Here we show that GATA5, a zinc-finger transcription factor, is expressed in the yolk-rich vegetal cells of Xenopus embryos from the early gastrula stage onwards, when these cells become committed to form endoderm. At mid-gastrula stages, GATA5 is restricted to the sub-blastoporal endoderm and is the first molecular marker for this subset of endodermal cells so far… CONTINUE READING


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