A role for DHX32 in regulating T-cell apoptosis.

  title={A role for DHX32 in regulating T-cell apoptosis.},
  author={Zaman Alli and Yong Chen and Sarah Abdul Wajid and Bandar K. Al-Saud and Mohamed M. Abdelhaleem},
  journal={Anticancer research},
  volume={27 1A},
DHX32 is a novel putative RNA helicase with an activation-dependent pattern of expression in T-cells. To gain insight into the role of DHX32, Jurkat-DHX32 cells, a stable Jurkat T-cell line with constitutive DHX32 expression, were generated by retroviral gene transfer. There were no significant differences between control and Jurkat-DHX32 cells in terms of… CONTINUE READING