A role for Connexin43 during neurodevelopment.

  title={A role for Connexin43 during neurodevelopment.},
  author={Amy E Wiencken-Barger and Biljana Djukic and Kristen B. Casper and Ken D. McCarthy},
  volume={55 7},
Connexin43 (Cx43) is the predominant gap junction protein expressed in premitotic radial glial cells and mature astrocytes. It is thought to play a role in many aspects of brain development and physiology, including intercellular communication, the release of neuroactive substances, and neural and glial proliferation and migration. To investigate the role of Cx43 in brain physiology, we generated a conditional knockout (cKO) mouse expressing Cre recombinase driven by the human GFAP promoter and… CONTINUE READING