A robust wavelet-based multi-lead Electrocardiogram delineation algorithm.

  title={A robust wavelet-based multi-lead Electrocardiogram delineation algorithm.},
  author={Ali Ghaffari and M. R. Homaeinezhad and Mehdi Akraminia and M. Atarod and Mohammad M. Daevaeiha},
  journal={Medical engineering & physics},
  volume={31 10},
A robust multi-lead ECG wave detection-delineation algorithm is developed in this study on the basis of discrete wavelet transform (DWT). By applying a new simple approach to a selected scale obtained from DWT, this method is capable of detecting QRS complex, P-wave and T-wave as well as determining parameters such as start time, end time, and wave sign (upward or downward). First, a window with a specific length is slid sample to sample on the selected scale and the curve length in each window… CONTINUE READING
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