A robust nonlinear mixed-effects model for COVID-19 death data

  title={A robust nonlinear mixed-effects model for COVID-19 death data},
  author={Fernanda Lang Schumacher and Cl{\'e}cio da Silva Ferreira and Marcos Oliveira Prates and Alberto Lachos and Victor Hugo Lachos},
  journal={Statistics and Its Interface},
The analysis of complex longitudinal data such as COVID-19 deaths is challenging due to several inherent features: (i) Similarly-shaped profiles with different decay patterns; (ii) Unexplained variation among repeated measurements within each country, these repeated measurements may be viewed as clustered data since they are taken on the same country at roughly the same time; (iii) Skewness, outliers or skew-heavy-tailed noises are possibly embodied within response variables. This article… 

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