A robust model for big healthcare data analytics


The big data technologies are offering varied challenges for research and scientists in healthcare application domain to improve the quality of life in patients. Yet in this phase of technology explosion, retrieving effective and efficient information from big data is a value care for future medical diagnostic. However. unprecedented growth in data analytical technology has proven fruitful for discovery of hidden patterns from such databases. The purpose of this study is to discuss current developments in big data analytics with healthcare application domain. However, paper explains the emerging role of predictive data analytics with focused study on patient's quality care with several states of examples. Further, comprehensive suggestive novel framework is discussed with the approach to offer significant benefits to computing technology for effective patient care diagnosis.

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@article{Chauhan2016ARM, title={A robust model for big healthcare data analytics}, author={Ritu Chauhan and Rajesh Jangade}, journal={2016 6th International Conference - Cloud System and Big Data Engineering (Confluence)}, year={2016}, pages={221-225} }