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A rigorous Hermitian proof about the G-dynamics and analogy with Berry-Keating's Hamiltonian

  title={A rigorous Hermitian proof about the G-dynamics and analogy with Berry-Keating's Hamiltonian},
  author={Jack Whongius},
Quantum covariant Hamiltonian system theory provides a coherent framework for modelling the complex dynamics of quantum systems. In this paper, we centrally deal with the Hermiticity of quantum operators that directly links to the physical observable, thusly, we give a rigorous proof to verify one-dimensional G-dynamics ŵ(cl) = ŵ(cl)† ∈ Her that is a Hermitian operator satisfying ( ŵ(cl)φ,φ ) = ( φ, ŵ(cl)φ ) for any two states φ and φ, and its eigenvalues are real. We also prove that curvature… Expand


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E (s) /2 − √ −1 ŵ (cl) =Ĥ (g) −Ĥ (clm) ∈ N Her References
  • Ĥ (ri) =Ĥ (cl) −