A rice gene activation/knockout mutant resource for high throughput functional genomics

  title={A rice gene activation/knockout mutant resource for high throughput functional genomics},
  author={Yue-Ie Hsing and Chyr-Guan Chern and Ming-Jen Fan and Po-chang Lu and Ku-Ting Chen and Shuen-Fang Lo and Peng-Kai Sun and Shin-Lon Ho and K. Lee and Y. Wang and Wen-Lii Huang and Swee-Suak Ko and S. Chen and Jyh-Long Chen and Chun-I Chung and Yao-Cheng Lin and A. Hour and Yet-Walt Wang and Ya-Chi Chang and Min-Wei Tsai and Yi-Show Lin and Yin-Chin Chen and Hsing-Mu Yen and Charng-Pei Li and Chiu-Kai Wey and Ching-Shan Tseng and Ming-Hsing Lai and Sheng-Chung Huang and L. Chen and S. Yu},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
  • Yue-Ie Hsing, Chyr-Guan Chern, +27 authors S. Yu
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Plant Molecular Biology
  • Using transfer DNA (T-DNA) with functions of gene trap and gene knockout and activation tagging, a mutant population containing 55,000 lines was generated. Approximately 81% of this population carries 1–2 T-DNA copies per line, and the retrotransposon Tos17 was mostly inactive in this population during tissue culture. A total of 11,992 flanking sequence tags (FSTs) have been obtained and assigned to the rice genome. T-DNA was preferentially (∼80%) integrated into genic regions. A total of 19… CONTINUE READING
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