A revision ofTaraxacum sect.Piesis (Compositae)

  title={A revision ofTaraxacum sect.Piesis (Compositae)},
  author={J. Kirschner and J. Stepanek},
  journal={Folia Geobotanica},
  • J. Kirschner, J. Stepanek
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • Folia Geobotanica
  • On the basis of allozyme and cultivation data, and of additional herbarium material, a taxonomic and nomenclatural revision ofTaraxacum sect.PiesisA.J. Richards exKirschner etŠtěpánek is provided. The section is made up of halophilous, sexually reproducing taxa. InT. stenocephalumBoiss. etKotschy,T. pindicumKirschner etŠtěpánek, sp. nov., andT. perenneKirschner etŠtěpánek, sp. nov., a tetraploid chromosome number has been recorded, representing the only known case of sexuality at the tetraploid… CONTINUE READING
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