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A revision of the subfarnily Ecphyadophorinae Skarbilovich, 1959 (Tylenchida : Nematoda)

  title={A revision of the subfarnily Ecphyadophorinae Skarbilovich, 1959 (Tylenchida : Nematoda)},
  author={Dewey J. Raski and K Puthenkandathil and Varghese K. Sosamma},
SUMMARY Review of type specimens of some species of Ecphyadophora and Ecphyadophoroides plus new collections of others revealed one new species of Ecphyadophora, three ncw species of Ecphyadophoroides and reaErmed the distinction of three separate genera : Ecphyadophora, Ecphyadophoroides and Epicharinema. Elongate amphidial slits or clefts on dorso-ventrally flattened cephalic regions characterize Ecphyadophoroides, whereas rounded heads with four symmetrical lobes annulate almost to the… 
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A new species of Malenchus (Nematoda: Tylenchomorpha) with an updated phylogeny of the Tylenchidae

Summary The family Tylenchidae is one of most abundant and diverse nematode groups found in soil habitats. In this study, a new species named Malenchus cylindricus sp. n. is described based on light

Sigmolenchus sinuosus n. gen., n. sp. (Tylenchidae: Ecphyadophorinae), a new member of the family

The new genus is proposed based upon light and scanning electron microscopic observations and phylogenetic analyses based upon small, large and internal transcribed spacer sequences of ribosomal DNA and mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase I gene (COI mtDNA) sequences and has small slender body and dorso-ventrally flat cephalic region.

Morphological and molecular data of two species of the rare genera Thada Thorne, 1941 and Tenunemellus Siddiqi, 1986 (Nematoda: Tylenchidae) from Iran.

Morphological and molecular phylogenetic studies of the new species using partial sequences of small subunit ribosomal DNA revealed that thenew species formed a clade with Malenchus spp.

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Ecphyadophoroides Graminis N. Sp. and Two New Species of Ecphyadophora (Nematoda: Ecphyadophorinae) From North India

Ecphyadophoroides graminis n. sp. is distinctive in possessing anteriorly located vulva (V = 57-61), vagina sloping anteriorly inwards and smaller b'-value than in E. tenuis Corbett, 1964.

Central African Nematodes I. Ecphyadophora Quadralata N. Sp. and Two Species of Ecphyadophoroides N. Gen. (Nematoda: Neotylenchidae)

Ecphyadophora quadralata differs from E. tenuissima, the type and only other species of the genus, in being shorter and relatively stouter with longer spicules and more nearly square caudal alae.

Key to species of Ecphyadophoroides 1 -Body with 12 longitudinal striations dividing annules into rectangular blocks . . . . annulatus -Body annules without such striations

    Epicharinema keralense ZOO . ? . , 1 : 1 - 62 . SOC . Wash . , 32 7 - 15

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    Observations on Ecphyadophora Ecphyadophorinae ( Nemata : Tylenchidae ) . Revue tenuiss ima de Man , 1921 . Nematologica , 2 : 152 - 158

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    Studies on Tylenchida in the subfamily Ecphyadophorinae associated with (Nematoda) from Marathwada, India, with descrip-cereal crops in Uttar Pradesh (India). 2002. Anz., tions of four new species

    • Nematologica
    • 1971

    quadralata 3 -Stylet prominent, ltnobs well-developed ; long spicular tube (5-7 pm)

      Central African nematodes

      • 1964