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A revision of the Nopoiulinae, with notes on the classification of blaniulid millipedes. (Diplopoda: julida: Blaniulidae)

  title={A revision of the Nopoiulinae, with notes on the classification of blaniulid millipedes. (Diplopoda: julida: Blaniulidae)},
  author={Henrik Enghoff},
Anamorphosis and life-history of the millipede Nopoiulus kochii (Gervais, 1847), new for Egypt
The anamorphosis and the life-history of the millipede Nopoiulus kochii, new to Egypt, are determined from counting the podous and apodous rings, rows of ocelli, and serial additions of defence glands.
Review of the genus Caucaseuma Strasser, 1970, with the description of a new cavernicolous species from the Western Caucasus and an updated key and distribution (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Anthroleucosomatidae)
A new species of the genus Caucaseuma Strasser, 1970, Caucaseuma strasseri Antić sp. nov., is described from a cave in the Western Caucasus, representing the eighth species of the genus, and the
Diversity and distribution of the millipedes (Diplopoda) of Georgia, Caucasus
O Ongoing and future research on the millipedes of the Caucasus will undoubtedly allow for many more novelties and details of the diversity and distribution of Georgia’s Diplopoda to be revealed or refined.
A checklist of the millipedes of Georgia, Caucasus (Diplopoda)
Much more work to include alpine and cave environments is required in order to reveal and refine the real diversity of Georgia’s Diplopoda.
Structural aspects of leg-to-gonopod metamorphosis in male helminthomorph millipedes (Diplopoda)
Internal changes in the seventh trunk ring, locally leading to the dorsal displacement of the ventral nerve cord and the digestive tract, are modulated in a taxon-specific manner, and are very conspicuous in the blaniulids Nopoiulus kochii and Blaniulus guttulatus, with likely major functional consequences.
Development of an optimal sampling protocol for millipedes (Diplopoda)
A millipede sampling protocol that was efficient, replicable, and thorough, by testing commonly used methods at sites where the fauna had been intensively sampled, so that the results of different sampling protocols could be compared to the previously known fauna of each site.
A review of the millipede fauna of Iran (Diplopoda)
Fifty species of millipedes (Diplopoda) are recorded from Iran, based on a literature survey and a study of new material, with several species described from Iran still need revision.
New records of millipedes (Diplopoda) from caves in Crimea and the Caucasus
The results of a taxonomic treatment of Diplopoda collected recently in caves of Crimea and the Caucasus are presented, allowing for the distribution of a number of millipede species to be considerably refined.
Abstract Introduced (or exotic) species are any taxa living outside their native range. The ecological impact of these species is highly variable although many have altered, at the ecosystem level,
The state of the art of biospeleology in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union: A review of the cave (endogean) invertebrate fauna. 3. References
The State of the Art of Biospeleology in Russia and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union: a Review of the Cave (Endogean) Invertebrate Fauna. 3. References I. S. Turbanov, D. M. Palatov, and S.