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A revision of the Australian endemic genus Pentalepis (Asteraceae: Ecliptinae)

  title={A revision of the Australian endemic genus Pentalepis (Asteraceae: Ecliptinae)},
  author={A. Orchard and E. W. Cross},
Orchard, A.E. & Cross, E.W. A revision of the Australian endemic genus Pentalepis (Asteraceae: Ecliptinae). Nuytsia 22(6): 371–392. The genus Pentalepis F.Muell., resurrected by Karis et al. in 1993, with two species, after being for many years included in Moonia Arn. or Chrysogonum L., has been studied morphologically across its full range. Four new species (P. linearifolia Orchard, P. grandis E.W.Cross, P. kakaduensis E.W.Cross and P. walcottii E.W.Cross) are described, as well as three… Expand
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