A revision of Palaearctic Tabanidae (Diptera) described by J. C. Fabricius.

  title={A revision of Palaearctic Tabanidae (Diptera) described by J. C. Fabricius.},
  author={Milan Chv{\'a}la and Leif Lyneborg},
  journal={Journal of medical entomology},
  volume={7 5},
J. C. Fabricius described (1775–1805) 27 Diptera in the genera Tabanus L., Pangonius Latr. and Haematopota Meig. originating from the Palaearctic region. A revision of these is presented on the basis of a study of his old collections in the Zoological Museum, Copenhagen. A neotype is selected and described for Tabanus haustellatus F., 1781 [ Pangonius haustellatus (F.)]. A lectotype is designated for Tabanus nigrita F., 1794 [ Dasyrhamphis nigritus (F.) = ? D. alexandrinus (Wied., 1830)], and… 
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