A revision of Microchirita (Gesneriaceae) in Thailand

  title={A revision of Microchirita (Gesneriaceae) in Thailand},
  author={Carmen Puglisi},
  journal={The Gardens' Bulletin, Singapore},
  • C. Puglisi
  • Published 20 November 2017
  • Biology
  • The Gardens' Bulletin, Singapore
Microchirita (C.B.Clarke. [...] Key Result Eight new species are described, Microchirita albocyanea C.Puglisi, Microchirita glandulosa C.Puglisi, Microchirita hypocrateriformis C.Puglisi, Microchirita limbata C.Puglisi, Microchirita luteola C.Puglisi, Microchirita tadphoensis C.Puglisi, Microchirita tetsanae C.Puglisi, Microchirita thailandica C.Puglisi; three new varieties are described, Microchirita involucrata var. gigantiflora C.Puglisi, Microchirita mollissima var.Expand
Six new species and eight new records of Gesneriaceae from Laos
Six new species of Gesneriaceae from Laos, namely Didymocarpus angustiflorus Souvann. & Lanors., D. bolavenensis Souvann., Soulad. & Phonep., D. laoticus Souvann. & Lanors., D. trilobus Souvann. &
Microchiritahairulii (Gesneriaceae), a new species from Perlis, Peninsular Malaysia
D diagnostic characters, description, detailed illustrations, geographical distribution, regional provisional conservation status assessment (Endangered) and ecological observations of the new taxon, as well as an updated key to Microchirita species in Peninsular Malaysia, are provided.
Five new species of Platostoma (Lamiaceae) from North-Eastern Thailand
Platostoma albiflorum, P. busbanianum, P. hemratianum, P. ovatum and P. parnellianum, five new species from North-Eastern Thailand are described and illustrated. A key to the 23 species of Platostoma
The new combination Microchirita cristata (Dalzell) D.J.Middleton is made.
Progress on Southeast Asia’s Flora projects
Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Timor Leste, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea) is a region of high plant diversity


Four new species of Microchirita (Gesneriaceae) from Thailand
Four new species of Microchirita (C. huppatatensis, hemratii, personata, lilacina and personata) are described from Uthai Thani province and Tak province, Thailand.
A new definition of the genus Petrocodon (Gesneriaceae)
It is shown here that the (6-7) species of Lagarosolen, the monotypic Dolicholoma, a few species of Didymocarpus, and a number of new species that have recently been published (but not formally described) under Petrocodon and LagarOSolen should be included in this genus.
Phylogenetic reconstruction of Chirita and allies (Gesneriaceae) with taxonomic treatments
The morphological evolution of Chirita was analyzed and a series of morphological synapomorphies for the monophyletic groups revealed herein were identified to provide a taxonomic treatment in this study.
An expansion of the genus Deinostigma (Gesneriaceae)
Based on molecular, morphological and cytological studies the previously monotypic genus Deinostigma W.T.Li has been expanded to include several species previously ascribed to Primulina Hance, including one previously placed in synonymy.
A molecular phylogenetic assessment of the advanced Asiatic and Malesian didymocarpoid Gesneriaceae with focus on non-monophyletic and monotypic genera
The present study forms the foundation for targeted molecular, morphological and phytogeographic studies of the polyphyletic and monotypic genera and particular of clades of genera with interrelations uncovered here for the first time.
Chayamaritia (Gesneriaceae: Didymocarpoideae), a new genus from Southeast Asia
Based on a phylogenetic analysis of Asian Gesneriaceae with the most comprehensive coverage at the genus level to date, the new genus Chayamaritia is established and described in subfamily
Molecular systematics and remodelling of Chirita and associated genera (Gesneriaceae)
The polyphyletic genus Chirita is remodelled after an extensive molecular phylogenetic study of species assigned to it and to other associated genera and a general list showing the present accommodation of the species previously described under ChiritA, Chiritopsis, Hemiboeopsis, Primulina and Wentsaiboea is provided.
Microchirita ruthiae sp. nov. (Gesneriaceae) from Peninsular Malaysia
A new species Microchirita ruthiae Rafidah (Gesneriaceae) from limestone in Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia, is described and illustrated and assessed as ‘Endangered’ (EN).
Taxonomy and conservation status of Microchirita (Gesneriaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia
A revision of Microchirita (C.B.Clarke) Yin Z.Wang (Gesneriaceae) in Malaysia is presented as a precursory paper for the Flora of Peninsular Malaysia account. The taxonomic treatment includes a key
Generic recircumscription in the Loxocarpinae (Gesneriaceae), as inferred by phylogenetic and morphological data
The most up-to-date phylogeny of the Loxocarpinae is presented, covering all the genera known to belong to the group, based on Bayesian Inference and Parsimony of the nuclear ITS and the plastid regions trnL-trnF (intron 17 and spacer) and ndhFtrnL (spacers).