A revision of Epithema (Gesneriaceae)

  title={A revision of Epithema (Gesneriaceae)},
  author={Kaylene Bransgrove and David J. Middleton},
  journal={The Gardens' Bulletin, Singapore},
The genus Epithema Blume (Gesneriaceae) is revised. A key is given, all species are described and several are illustrated. Twenty species are recognised and two new combinations are made, Epithema philippinum (Hilliard & B.L.Burtt) Bransgrove and Epithema pusillum (C.B.Clarke) Bransgrove. Provisional IUCN conservation assessments are given for all species. 
Oreocharis tetrapterus (Gesneriaceae), a new species from East Guangxi, China
A new species of Oreocharis tetrapterus F.Do from Gupo Mountain area, Hezhou city, Guangxi Zhuangzu Autonomous Region, China, is described and illustrated, which has a zygomorphic tetramerous corolla with two adaxial and two abaxial lobes and two fertile stamens in the posterior position, making this a unique combination of floral characteristics in the expandedOreocharis.
Six new species and eight new records of Gesneriaceae from Laos
Six new species of Gesneriaceae from Laos, namely Didymocarpus angustiflorus Souvann. & Lanors., D. bolavenensis Souvann., Soulad. & Phonep., D. laoticus Souvann. & Lanors., D. trilobus Souvann. &
Biogeography and evolution of Asian Gesneriaceae based on updated taxonomy
Most basal taxa of the Asian Gesneriaceae are found in the Indian subcontinent and Indo-China Peninsula, suggesting Didymocarpoideae might originate in these regions.
Progress on Southeast Asia’s Flora projects
Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Timor Leste, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea) is a region of high plant diversity
Molecular species delimitation, taxonomy and biogeography of Sri Lankan Gesneriaceae
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Phylogenetic position and generic status of the Japanese botiid loach
The phylogenetic position revealed by partial mtDNA sequence analysis supports the placement of the Japanese botiid loach into the genus Parabotia Dabry de Thiersant 1872 instead of Leptobotia
A Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Lao PDR
This checklist is the outcome of a programme aimed at training some 30 Laotians participants in tropical taxonomy through field work and herbarium base work, which has more than 4800 species from 232 families.
A new formal classification of Gesneriaceae
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New names in Epithema (Gesneriaceae)
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Reliquiae Robinsonianae. Philipp
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  • Bulbs for Warm Climates
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Classification of the family Gesneriaceae
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