A revision of African Lecythidaceae

  title={A revision of African Lecythidaceae},
  author={Ghillean Tolmie Prance and Carel C. H. Jongkind},
  journal={Kew Bulletin},
This is a revision of all the African species of Lecythidaceae s.l. Representatives of all four subfamilies occur in Africa. A total of 50 species are recognised in ten genera. Seven genera are endemic to continental Africa: Brazzeia, Crateranthus, Napoleonaea, Oubanguia, Pierrina, Rhaptopetalum and Scytopetalum and three also occur elsewhere: Barringtonia, Petersianthus and Foetidia. New species are described in Napoleonaea: N. alata, N. beninensis, N. cuneata and N. sapoensis, in Crateranthus… CONTINUE READING