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A review on security and reporting mechanisms for coerced cash withdrawal from ATM

  title={A review on security and reporting mechanisms for coerced cash withdrawal from ATM},
  author={Madhu Sharma and Vijay Singh Rathore},
With the increase in usage of ATM and the enhancement in technical strengths of the entire system including security aspects, the destructive aspects also came into existence in parallel. The ATM owners are worried for the logical and physical security of ATM, just after its implementation and usage. The entire security system demands the support of the customers and as well as the police services, for safe transactions through ATM. Customer is required to follow all the safety guidelines… 
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A Framework for Safe Mode Alarm Reporting Technique (SMART) in ATMs

An innovative approach to handle the safety and security of customer through modifications in software and physical security system of the ATM, in such duress cash withdrawal has been proposed to safeguard customer's life risk and restrict the financial loss of customer as well as bank associated with ATM.

System Modeling and Design of Smart for ATM

The objective of the paper is to depict the Framework Design of the SMILE for FOBIA including Safe Mode Alarm Reporting Technique (SMART) and GPS Enabled Tracking (GET) for coerced cash withdrawal in ATM.

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Computerized password verification system and method for ATM transactions

System using conventional ATM hardware, including a card reader, keypad and display, and the required transaction processing related operations and communications software, and further comprising receiving a transaction password (TAP) to generate and display the program list, prompts the user to select TAP to confirm the legitimacy of the current transaction.

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