A review of the mechanisms and functional roles of male silk use in spider courtship and mating

  title={A review of the mechanisms and functional roles of male silk use in spider courtship and mating},
  author={C. Scott and A. G. Anderson and M. Andrade},
  journal={The Journal of Arachnology},
  pages={173 - 206}
  • C. Scott, A. G. Anderson, M. Andrade
  • Published 2018
  • Biology
  • The Journal of Arachnology
  • Abstract Spiders are well known for using chemical, vibratory, tactile, and visual signals within mating contexts. All spiders produce silk, and even in non-web building spiders, silk is intimately tied to courtship and mating. Silk produced by females provides a transmission channel for male vibratory courtship signals, while webs and draglines provide a substrate for female sex pheromones. Observations of male spiders producing silk during sexual interactions are also common across… CONTINUE READING
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