A review of the Turco-Italian war of 1911–1912 and related letters of Enver Pasha

  title={A review of the Turco-Italian war of 1911–1912 and related letters of Enver Pasha},
  author={Syed Tanvir Wasti},
  journal={Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={131 - 141}
Abstract From the time of the 1877 Turco-Russian war till its disappearance from the stage of history in 1922, the Ottoman Empire was involved in decades of almost continuous war – in Europe, on the Russian front and in the Middle East. The conflict with Italy of 1911–1912 was an example of how powers in decline are forced into war in the face of peremptory demands from stronger neighbours. Italy's unprovoked attack on the Ottoman provinces of Libya in North Africa paved the way for the Balkan… 



Italo-Turkish Diplomacy and the War over Libya, 1911-1912

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  • History, Political Science
  • 1993
In 1911 Italy, an aspiring Great Power, attacked Ottoman Libya. Italian diplomacy had long anticipated this attack, but Italy's military was ill-prepared for it. The Ottoman Empire, distracted by

The desperate Ottoman: Enver Paşa and the German empire: II

Enver Pa§a was already a well-known figure in the Ottoman Empire prior to his achieving pre-eminence as war minister and chief strategist of the Ottoman forces in World War I. He was lucky enough to

Enver Pasha: the Formative Years*

In the summer of 1908, Enver, an Ottoman army officer serving in Macedonia, became a hero of the Young Turk revolution. At that time his daring moves in the Balkans against the despotism of Sultan

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Amir Shakib Arslan was a Druze aristocrat and one of many loyal non-Turkish Ottomans who were in the forefront of the political and cultural scene in the final years of the Ottoman empire. As a poet,

Italy and the End of the Ottoman Empire

Ş€ ukr€ u Hanio glu, Kendi Mektuplarında Enver Paşa [Enver Pasha in his own letters] (Istanbul

  • Der Yayınları,
  • 1989

Europe and Italy's Acquisition of Libya, 1911-1912.

The article by Malte Fuhrmann, a German historian who has published much material on Turkey

    See Endnote 15. The translation of Enver Pasha's text covers pp.22-54 of Kolo glu's book, followed by several pages of notes

      Deutsch-t€ urkische Beziehungen 1890-1914 und die Rolle Enver Paschas [German-Turkish relations 1890-1914 and the role of Enver Pasha

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