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A review of the Recent Pandoridae (Bivalvia) in the Panamic Province, with descriptions of three new species

  title={A review of the Recent Pandoridae (Bivalvia) in the Panamic Province, with descriptions of three new species},
  author={Paul Valentich-Scott and Caroline Skoglund},
  journal={The Nautilus},
Six genera and 16 species of Panamic Pandoridae are described and illustrated. Three species are described as new, namely Pandora (Pandora) rachaelae, Pandora (Pandorella) sarahae, and Clidiophora dorsorectus, and one new genus, Coania. Diagnoses are provided for the genera, subgenera, and species, as well as illustrations of the type specimens of the nominate species. Frenamya, Clidiophora, Heteroclidus, and Foveadens are herein elevated to generic rank. The high diversity of Pandoridae in the… 
New records of soft bottom bivalves (Mollusca) from the continental shelf and upper slope of the northern Pacific Ocean of Colombia
This paper presents an inventory of the species of molluscs collected on the continental shelf and upper slopes (70–500 m depth) on the Pacific side of Colombia, significantly increasing the number of shelf and slope species known in the region.


A review of some bivalve shells of the group Anatinacea from the west coast of America
This group of bivalves contains species which are in general very similar, and often possess analogues in different faunal regions which have been confounded under a single specific name. Like most
On the Structure and Adaptations of Pandora Inaequivalvis and P. Pinna
The two British species of Pandora are adapted for life on muddy-sand and the morphology and the functioning of the stomach is given and various modifications, due to the reduced typhlosole, are described.
Ligament and lithodesma in the Pandoracea and the Poromyacea with a discussion on evolutionary history in the Anomalodesmata (Mollusca: Bivalvia)
Despite resemblences in ligamental structure between Poromyacea and Pandoracea, palaeontological evidence, as well as the modified ctenidia in the former, supports the continued separation of these superfamilies.
More notes on the marine Mollusca of New South Wales
In the determination of many species it has been found necessary to discuss the range of the species throughout southern Australia and a list is being prepared embodying the results of the investigations.
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