A review of software surveys on software effort estimation

  title={A review of software surveys on software effort estimation},
  author={Kjetil Mol{\o}kken-{\O}stvold and Magne J{\o}rgensen},
  journal={2003 International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering, 2003. ISESE 2003. Proceedings.},
This paper summarizes estimation knowledge through a review of surveys on software effort estimation. Main findings were that: (1) most projects (60-80%) encounter effort and/or schedule overruns. The overruns, however, seem to be lower than the overruns reported by some consultancy companies. For example, Standish Group's "Chaos Report" describes an average cost overrun of 89%, which is much higher than the average overruns found in other surveys, i.e. 3040%. (2) The estimation methods in most… 

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