A review of road structure data in six European countries

  title={A review of road structure data in six European countries},
  author={Ale{\vs} Žnidari{\vc} and Vikram Pakrashi and Eugene J. O'brien and Alan O'Connor},
The European Union has expanded significantly in recent years. Sustainable trade within the Union, leading to economic growth to the benefit of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ member states is thus extremely important. The road infrastructure is strategic and vital to such development since an uneven transport infrastructure, in terms of capacity and condition, has the potential to reinforce uneven development trends and hinder economic convergence of old and new member states. In the decades since their… Expand
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-related hazards are considered one of the main climate change impacts on highway and railway infrastructure, threatening the functionality of transportation systems. Of such hazards, flood-inducedExpand
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Reliability and parameter index considering changes in bridge traffic loading definitions
1 With the continued evolution of traffic loading specifications, safety classifications of bridge 2 structures are subject to change, independent of the actual condition of the structures at 3 thatExpand
Reliability index and parameter importance measures considering changes in bridge traffic loading definitions
1 With the continued evolution of traffic loading specifications, safety classifications of bridge 2 structures are subject to change, independent of the actual condition of the structures at 3 thatExpand


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SAMARIS Project : Advanced Materials for the Rehabilitation of Highway Structures in Europe
Reference MCS-CONF-2007-034 URL: http://www.sc.kutc.kansai-u.ac.jp/conference/IABMAS2004/ Record created on 2007-05-23, modified on 2016-08-08
The European Union at the Time of Enlargement
L’adhesion de dix nouveaux membres, le 1er mai 2004, a entraine une augmentation de 74 millions de la population de l’Union europeenne, qui atteint desormais 455 millions d’habitants. L’Europe desExpand