A review of micromachined thermal accelerometers

  title={A review of micromachined thermal accelerometers},
  author={Rahul Mukherjee and Joydeep Basu and Pradip Mandal and Prasanta Kumar Guha},
  journal={Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering},
Thermal convection based micro-electromechanical accelerometer is a relatively new kind of acceleration sensor that does not require a solid proof mass, yielding unique benefits like high shock survival rating, low production cost, and integrability with CMOS integrated circuit technology. This article provides a comprehensive survey of the research, development, and current trends in the field of thermal acceleration sensors, with detailed enumeration on the theory, operation, modeling, and… 
Mechanical Solution for Out-of-Plane Sensitivity Enhancement of CMOS MEMS Convective Accelerometers
The study shows that a substantial increase of 300% in out-of-plane sensitivity can be attained if the proposed mechanical solution is applied.
Tri-axial optical MEMS accelerometer enables monolithic fabrication
Accelerometers are one of the most widely used sensors. They are essential in many applications such as inertial measurement units (IMUs), airbags safety systems, activity monitoring in biomedical
Multi-axis Response of a Thermal Convection-based Accelerometer
This paper focused on a Z-axis response to extend the performance of the accelerometer and found an accelerometer with a more voluminous cavity showed better sensitivity and a narrower volume cavity showed a larger frequency band.
Design and Modeling of Fiber-Free Optical MEMS Accelerometer Enabling 3D Measurements
Optical accelerometers are popular in some applications because of their better immunity to electromagnetic interference, and they are often more sensitive than other accelerometer types. Optical
Finite-element predictive 3D modelling and optimization of membrane-based thermoresistive MEMS accelerometers
A three-dimensional numerical model of a thermal accelerometer with a thermal resistance effect in a sensitive element on a thin-film multilayer membrane based on MEMS technology has been developed
Sensitivity Improvement of Micro Thermal Convective Accelerometer with Structure Optimization: Theoretical and Experimental Studies
For the first time, we conduct the structure optimization of the micro thermal convective accelerometer (MTCA). Firstly, the effects of sensor size (L), the location of detectors (D) and the cover
Design of a Dual Axis Thermal Accelerometer using Single Axis Structure
In this paper, we are reporting a dual axis thermal accelerometer using a single axis structure. The structure of the device is very simple and can be easily realized. The device contains a bridge
An Ambient Temperature Compensated Microthermal Convective Accelerometer with High Sensitivity Stability
  • Xiaoyi Wang, W. Xu, Izhar, Yi-Kuen Lee
  • Physics
    2019 20th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems & Eurosensors XXXIII (TRANSDUCERS & EUROSENSORS XXXIII)
  • 2019
For the first time, we reported both theoretical (a one-dimensional (1D) theoretical model) and experimental analysis on the ambient temperature (Ta) effect on the sensitivity of microthermal
A precise spacing-control method in MEMS packaging for capacitive accelerometer applications
Capacitive micro accelerometers with high sensitivity have found wide applications in geophysics. Reducing the interelectrode spacing, which is determined by the thickness difference between the
Optimized Design of the MEMS-Based Three-Axis Thermal Accelerometer for Its Better Performance in a Wide Measurement Range
It was found that in order to achieve the maximum thermal sensitivity when detecting acceleration in the lateral direction, thermistors should be asymmetrically placed relative to the heater along the corresponding axis, and the asymmetry of their optimal location on the membrane increases with acceleration.


Development of a complete dual-axis micromachined convective accelerometer with high sensitivity
A convective accelerometer is an accelerometer, which contains neither a solid proof mass nor moving components. It mainly consists of heaters and thermal sensors which measure temperature
An optimized micromachined convective accelerometer with no proof mass
Miniaturization, low cost and high performance of accelerometers have been the topic of extensive research. A kind of convective micromachined accelerometer without proof mass is described in this
Study on linearity of a micromachined convective accelerometer
Micromachined convective accelerometers in standard integrated circuits technology
This letter describes an implementation of micromachined accelerometers in standard complimentary metal–oxide–semiconductor technology. The devices operate based on heat convection and consist of
Micromachined accelerometer based on convection heat transfer
  • A. Leung, J. Jones, E. Czyzewska, J. Chen, B. Woods
  • Physics, Engineering
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  • 1998
A micromachined thermal accelerometer that is simple, reliable, and inexpensive to make has been developed at Simon Fraser University. The operating principle of this accelerometer is based on the
CMOS implementation of a 3-axis thermal convective accelerometer
This paper presents experimental results obtained with a monolithic implementation of a 3-axis thermal convective accelerometer. In particular, impact of packaging on sensor sensitivity and bandwidth
A New Approach of 2D CMOS Thermal-Bubble-Based Accelerometer
A novel thermal-bubble-based micromachined accelerometer with advantages of low solid thermal conductance and high sensitivity is presented in this paper. With our proposed micro-link structure, a
Micromachined three-axis thermal accelerometer with a single composite heater
A novel three-axis thermal accelerometer is designed, fabricated, and characterized in this paper. The device includes two half sensor plates attached to buckled cantilevers to form out-of-plane
A 2-DOF convective micro accelerometer with a low thermal stress sensing elementBased on work presen
This paper presents the development of a dual-axis convective microaccelerometer, whose working principle is based on the convective heat transfer and thermoresistive effect of lightly doped silicon.