A review of life satisfaction research with children and adolescents.

  title={A review of life satisfaction research with children and adolescents.},
  author={Rich Gilman and Scott Huebner},
  journal={School Psychology Quarterly},
An important construct in positive psychology is life satisfaction (LS). Although its importance has been recognized by some school psychologists, research findings have remained unsynthesized. In this article, theory, measurement, and correlates of LS among children and youth are reviewed. Followin 

A Review of the Brief Multidimensional Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale

There are few psychometrically sound measures of life satisfaction suitable for children and adolescents. The purpose of this paper is to describe the rationale, development, and psychometric

Trends in high life satisfaction among adolescents in five Nordic countries 2002–2014

Life satisfaction is an important indicator when assessing positive mental health aspects in populations, including among adolescents. The aim of this study was to investigate trends over time in p

Youth Life Satisfaction: A Review of the Literature

A central construct within the positive psychology literature is life satisfaction. Whereas adult life satisfaction has been studied extensively, the life satisfaction of children and adolescents has

Assessment and Promotion of Life Satisfaction in Youth

This chapter addresses assessment and intervention practices related to children’s quality of life, especially their perceived quality of life or life satisfaction (LS). Following a brief discussion

Promoting Happiness and Life Satisfaction in School Children

Studies in positive psychology, including happiness, well-being, and life satisfaction, are reviewed. The preponderance of the research literature on the promotion of positive psychology tends to

The Role of Attachment Anxiety, Attachment Avoidance, and Grit on Life Satisfaction and Relationship Satisfaction

The present study examined the role of attachment anxiety, attachment avoidance, and grit on life satisfaction and romantic relationship satisfaction. We recruited participants (n = 378, mean age =...

School Connectedness, Self-Esteem, and Adolescent Life Satisfaction

We collected data from 652 students enrolled in grades 5-12 in a rural southern school district to identify whether a pair of self-appraised social constructs could significantly predict adolescent

Brief Multidimensional Students' Life Satisfaction Scale: Sex, Race, and Grade Effects for a High School Sample

Preliminary normative data for the total score of the Brief Multidimensional Students' Life Satisfaction Scale were collected from 5,034 adolescents in Grades 9 through 12 at public high schools in

Satisfaction with Life: Examining the Impact of Character Strengths among Young People

Research has shown that the disease model of child development has not led to the prevention of antisocial behaviour or psychological disorders in youth. Recent findings have shown that the positive

Mental Health and Life Satisfaction in Students from Northern Chile

It is relevant to specifically understand which are the mental health variables that most affect the satisfaction with life in the child and youth population for the optimal design of programs to



Further Validation of the Students' Life Satisfaction Scale: The Independence of Satisfaction and Affect Ratings

Children's self-reports of global life satisfaction and positive and negative affect were analyzed via principal components analysis. Consistent with multidimensional theories of subjective

Review of Life Satisfaction Measures for Adolescents

Abstract Over the past decade, promoting the psychological wellbeing of adolescents has been the subject of increasing interest. To this end, a number of scales have been constructed that

Further Validation of the Multidimensional Students' Life Satisfaction Scale

The psychometric properties of a children's life satisfaction measure (MSLSS; Huebner, 1994) were assessed with a middle school sample of 291 students. Similar to findings with elementary school

Minors' dissatisfaction with their life circumstances

The present work gathered data on the degree of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with respect to major aspects of daily living and on the relationship between life dissatisfaction and perceived control at school of children and adolescents.

The relationship between self-concept and life satisfaction in children

A total of 183 elementary school students were administered the Self-Description Questionnaire-1 (SDQ-1) and the Students' Life Satisfaction Scale (SLSS) in order to explore the relationships between

Environmental Events and Life Satisfaction Reports of Adolescents

This study explored demographic, environmental and personality correlates of adolescents' positive life satisfaction reports. First, demographic variables did not relate to life satisfaction, except

Changes in Life Satisfaction as a Function of Stay in a Residential Setting

ABSTRACT Various authors have argued for the inclusion of well-being measures in order to assess children's quality of life in residential settings. In the present study, twenty-two children admitted

Preliminary Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Life Satisfaction Scale for Children.

Two studies describe the development and preliminary validation of a multidimensional measure of children's life satisfaction, the Multidimensional Students'Life Satisfaction Scale (MSLSS). In the