A review of hedgehog signaling in cranial bone development

  title={A review of hedgehog signaling in cranial bone development},
  author={Angel Pan and Le Chang and Alan T Nguyen and Aaron W. James},
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During craniofacial development, the Hedgehog (HH) signaling pathway is essential for mesodermal tissue patterning and differentiation. The HH family consists of three protein ligands: Sonic Hedgehog (SHH), Indian Hedgehog (IHH), and Desert Hedgehog (DHH), of which two are expressed in the craniofacial complex (IHH and SHH). Dysregulations in HH signaling are well documented to result in a wide range of craniofacial abnormalities, including holoprosencephaly (HPE), hypotelorism, and cleft lip… CONTINUE READING