A review of farming challenges and resilience management in the Sudano-Sahelian drylands of Nigeria in an era of climate change

  title={A review of farming challenges and resilience management in the Sudano-Sahelian drylands of Nigeria in an era of climate change},
  author={Nugun P. Jellason and John S. Conway and R. N. Baines and Chukwuma C. Ogbaga},
  journal={Journal of Arid Environments},
Abstract Dryland smallholders are faced with the challenges of achieving resilience and agricultural sustainability. This is in addition to constraints such as lack of capital, inputs, and often poor extension services. The risk of extreme weather events poses a great challenge to food security in drylands as the impacts of climate change increases. This paper examines the challenges faced by smallholders and the limitations of traditional farming systems in Sudano-Sahelian zones amidst climate… Expand
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