A review of diaphragmless shock tubes for interdisciplinary applications

  title={A review of diaphragmless shock tubes for interdisciplinary applications},
  author={S. Janardhanraj and S. K. Karthick and A. Farooq},
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Methane and n-hexane ignition in a newly developed diaphragmless shock tube

Shock tubes have been routinely used to generate reliable chemical kinetic data for gas-phase chemistry. The conventional diaphragm-rupture mode for shock tube operation presents many challenges that

Diaphragmless shock tube with multiple air-operated valves

In this study, a novel diaphragmless shock tube driven by a driver valve system consisting of multiple air-operated valves was developed. The novel shock tube can generate shock waves with high



A rapid opening sleeve valve for a diaphragmless shock tube

This paper describes a novel pneumatically operated diaphragmless shock tube valve that is capable of generating well-formed shock waves within a driven tube which has a length to diameter ratio of

Diaphragmless shock wave generators for industrial applications of shock waves

The prime focus of this study is to design a 50 mm internal diameter diaphragmless shock tube that can be used in an industrial facility for repeated loading of shock waves. The instantaneous rise in

Controlling blast wave generation in a shock tube for biological applications

The shock tube is a versatile apparatus used in a wide range of scientific research fields. In this case, we are developing a system to use with biological specimens. The process of diaphragm rupture

Fast-Acting Valves for Use in Shock Tubes : Part 2, Formation of shock waves

In the previous paper, two kinds of fast-acting valves were developed to replace diaphragm-breaking as a means of generating shock waves in the conventional shock tubes. One of them, called a type-H

A new, friction controlled, piston actuated diaphragmless shock tube driver

Abstract. A new friction operated single piston shock tube driver design that is capable of generating shock waves of Mach number 1.1 to 2 is presented. By using different test gases and evacuating

Design of a double diaphragm shock tube for fluid disintegration studies.

Qualification tests have been performed to assess the shock tube performance in terms of effectiveness of the skimmer concept, the capability to compensate for boundary layer effects and the generation of uniform and reproducible test and injection conditions.

Development of a Large Diameter Diaphragmless Shock Tube for Gas-Dynamic Laser Studies

This paper reports on the design and performance of a large diameter diaphragmless shock tube that has been recently developed in order to experimentally study various basic characteristics of the

Fundamental Study on Operational Conditions of Diaphragmless Shock Tube Driven by Pneumatic Piston

We analyze the influences of initial conditions on a diaphragmless shock tube operation. The system consists of a driver tube, driven tube, and damp tank. The driver tube has a circular cross section

Characteristics of an annular vertical diaphragmless shock tube

Abstract. This paper reports on the characteristics of a compact vertical diaphragmless shock tube, which was constructed and tested in the Shock Wave Research Center to study experimentally the

Theoretical–experimental study of shock wave-assisted metal forming process using a diaphragmless shock tube

The use of high-velocity sheet-forming techniques where the strain rates are in excess of 102/s can help us solve many problems that are difficult to overcome with traditional metal-forming